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Hi all,
Started round 2 today, and used my port to have the blood drawn and get the stuff put in. What a difference. My veins were thanking me, the whole thing went very quickly, no burning when the 5FU was pushed in!! It took half the time for the infusion, and except for feeling a little futuristic with a tube sticking out of my port, I was sooooo pleased. Why didn't they rec this more strongly to begin with? I also switched to a branch office of my onc, closer to home, smaller, friendlier, and I used to work with one of the nurses. The whole atmosphere feels much better, and so do I. Used the travel time saved to stop for a light dinner on the way home. Hubby and I needed that! Thanks to all for your ongoing support. Judy


  • Great!!! Told you so :-). Even though I don't have any experience, I personally know two who have.

    More hugs,
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    Glad to heareverything went well with your port today. They won't take blood out of my port, something to do with not getting a good reading.
    Hope your dinner was good.
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    Great to hear your good news. I'm sure your veins are crying out in thanks. I never had any trouble with my port. When I got my blood checked inbetween treatments, they used my arm, said I had good veins, no problems there either.
    Take care,
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    Judith -

    Great news! Glad to hear you are "hooking-up" with old friends.

    Best regards

    - SB
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    I have a Hickman catheter and it is great for putting stuff in but they have never been able to draw from it. I could have it re done but I am not sure that I want to risk it. Still it is better than having a line pout in each week.