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I went to my doc today just for blood work. She wants to have my port taken out already. I just had my last treatment on the 13th. Everything I've read or heard about port removal is to wait at least a year. All night I've been thinking about it, is it the right thing to do, or am I just being paranoid. Any advise?


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    Ahoy, Carolyn -

    Most folks I know kept their port for a few months post-chemo. Is your doc afraid of infection of some kind? Did you have problems with your port? Did it flush OK?

    I never had one, but I will say this; doctors are consultants, not directors. Just cuz da doc says it, don't make it so!

    I know you'll make the decision that is right for you.

    Be well

    - SB
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    Hi Carolyn,
    I just got my port 3 days ago, so I sure don't qualify as an expert! My surgeon did say that she would take the port out this summer when I completed my chemo course. I don't know what the decision to take out/leave in is based on, but I'm already planning to get this bump out whenever I can! Maybe I'll feel differently after the soreness and bruising have gone away. Judy
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    Hi Carolyn,

    I had my port put in 2 days before I started chemo and had it taken out 3 months after I finished chemo. I was a little hesitant but 3 of my doctors said TAKE IT OUT!! Which is good if they are that optimistic!! They worry about blood clots and also it helps you get back to feeling normal again. Good luck!!

  • Hi!

    Bert's port is in his arm and his onc recommended that even when treatment is done, in his opinion, leave the port in for at minimum a year. Just have it flushed periodically to make sure it stays clean. My suggestion...keep it. Besides with all the blood work they will be doing, it's much easier to use than being poked over and over again.

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    Thanks everybody. I've never had any problems with my port, I'm not sure why my doc wants is out so soon. I'm hoping she is just being very optimistic that I won't be needing it. I'm going to call her on Monday and tell her for my own peace of mind I will wait until I have the results of my first tests to take out the port. I think it's kind of like a security blanket, it's there if I need it.
    Again, thanks for all your support,