CT effects

tsivels Member Posts: 18
I have to have a CT tomorrow and everytime I get one I vomit once the dye is injected. I was wondering if anyone experienced this and if there was anything I could do to prevent this from happening.


  • jak0474
    jak0474 Member Posts: 4
    Well, the sickness is partially from the dye and partially from nerves (which are probably worse in anticipation of getting sick). I have two things to try that helped me because I used to get nauseous. The first one sounds weird but the technician told me it works so I tried it. They put an alcohol pad under my nose while I was getting scanned and for some reason it worked. I think it has the same effect as smelling salts. I have never been nauseous since. Also, someone told me to have them slow the injection rate, because that used to help her. So try these...you look a little silly with it sitting under your nose, but whatever works right?
  • truejoy8
    truejoy8 Member Posts: 41
    I totally sympathise tsivels. I have regular CT scans and I get sick with every one. But I found that if I have the nurse put a cool, damp, washcloth around my neck or forehead it really helps. Also I found the smell of pepermint stops my nausea (I love aromatherapy). You might want to get some essential oils and try putting a tiny bit under your nose before you go in. Hope you find something that works for you. Good luck!