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I have tried every bra know to man (or woman) and have 2 prosthesis. They are uncomfortabe they ride up and the seams on the side hurt. If I don't wear a mastecomy bar, the falseie rides up and lands under my chin. I don't feel good about the way I look, and besides not looking good, it hurts. Also, what do you use to swim. I have this thing, that I pin into bathing suits. You know where all missing the boat, we should be designing clothes and underware. Were are the designers, have they forgotten about us. Thanks, having a can't get my bra in the right place day.


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    I'm, not sure, but have you tried a store that fits just mastectomy patients? They are wonderful and they also make bathing suits, etc., just for us. If you didn't get a good fit, then go back and have them try again.

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    I so agree with you. If you have a local american Cancer Society office call them nd see if they can fit you..i had my best luck there but I agree it is hard to find comfortable functional yet feminine things to replace what the surgeons took. For some of us reconstruction is not an option and I guess it is trial and error..Someone told me she finally took an old comfortable bra and stuffed it with kleenex and it worked as well as anything else. I,m open for suggestions...Sometimes when I am in the house I use a man,s undershirt and at least it doesn,t bind or hurt...
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    I agree that the best place to go bra shopping is a prosthetics shop that specializes in bras designed specifically for mastectomy patients. I made an appointment locally and the lady who fitted me had been trained. I love the bras I have and they're extremely comfortable. Both bra and prostheses (I had a bilateral mastectomy) are by AMOENA. The bra is #2114 but has no style name that I can see on the tag. The prostheses are naturally weighted, sit in a pocket and keep the bra from riding up. I'm lucky to have great insurance that covers this cost for me. I know they can be expensive but I would pay for them out of pocket before I would be uncomfortable or endure pain. Mine look so natural I wear knit tank tops and no one can tell it's not all me!
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    The American Cancer Society's TLC catalog has camisoles with pockets into which you can put breast forms. When the camisole is tucked into your pants, it keeps the breast forms from peeping out from your neckline. There is a 100% cotton no-seams camisole called a radiation camisole because it prevents chafing of the radiated area. There is also a lace camisole with thin straps in black or white lace. I have half a dozen of each type/color. It is the only thing that has worked for me. The catalog can be viewed online at