new meds for ovca? clinical trials?

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my sister is stage 4 with mets is on round ? of chemo has been receiving trmnt for three years , running out of options, nausea and diarrhea constant any ideas new out there, i need to help her but i cant seem to,


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    What type of treatment is your sister receiving? Please know that I am praying for her and your family. Is her doctor not assisting with the nausea and diarhhea? She probably doesn't eat much because of it. Please suggest a good protein supplement to her (I can recommend a few) to at least take in small amounts when she is able. This will provide some nutritional support and hopefully build her immune system a little to help her fight this. Nutritional support is so important, yet during this time it is most difficult to achieve since most of us don't feel like eating. Please let me know what they are giving her for treaments. I am not a doctor, but I have been through this and might be able to offer some suggestions. Otherwise, I'm sure other experienced survivors/caregivers might send a reply to you. God Bless you.
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    Hi Dangley, I too am stage 4. I'm not on chemo anymore. Now I take Tamoxifen which is an estrogen-blocker. If your sister's cancer is estrogen-sensitive as mine is, this may be the answer. Ask her doctor if she is estrogen-sensitive.

    I hope and pray she feels better very soon!

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    Chemosensitivity Testing

    Fresh samples of the patient's tumor from surgery or a biopsy are grown in test tubes and tested with various drugs. Drugs that are most effective in killing the cultured cells are recommended for treatment. Chemosensitivity testing does have predictive value, especially in predicting what "won't" work. Patients who have been through several chemotherapy regimens and are running out of options might want to consider chemosensitivity testing. It might help you find the best option or save you from fruitless additional treatment.

    This kind of testing can assist in individualizing cancer therapy by providing information about the likely response of an individual patient's tumor to proposed therapy. In instances of severe drug hypersensitivity, failed therapy, recurrent disease and metastatic disease, it can provide assistance in selecting optimal chemotherapy regimens. Today, chemosensitivity testing has progressed to the point where it is 85% - 90% effective.

    All available chemosensitivity assays are able to report drug "resistance" information. Resistance implies that when a patient's cancer cells are exposed to a particular chemotherapy agent in the laboratory, the cancer cells will continue to live and grow. Some chemosensitivity assays are also able to report drug "sensitivity" information. Sensitivity implies that when a patient's cancer cells are treated with a particular chemotherapy agent in the laboratory, that agent will kill the cancer cells or inhibit their proliferation.

    Listing of "Reputable" Labs USA:

    These labs will provide you and your physician with in depth information and research on the testing they provide.

    Analytical Biosystems, Inc., Providence, Rhode Island. Ken Blackman, PhD. Solid Tumors Only. 1-800-262-6520

    Anticancer, Inc., San Diego, CA. Robert Hoffman, PhD. Solid Tumors Only. 1-619-654-2555

    Oncotech, Inc., Irvine, CA. John Fruehauf, MD. Solid Tumors and Hematologics. 1-714-474-9262 / FAX 1-714-474-8147

    Sylvester Cancer Institute, Miami, FL. Bernd-Uwe Sevin, MD. Solid Tumors Only. (especially GYN). 1-305-547-6875

    Human Tumor Cloning Laboratory, San Antonio, TX. Daniel D. Von Hoff, MD. Solid Tumors Only. 1-210-677-3827

    Rational Therapeutics Institute, Long Beach, CA. Robert A. Nagourney, MD Solid Tumors and Hematologics. 562-989-6455

    Weisenthal Cancer Group, Huntington Beach, CA. Larry M. Weisenthal, MD, PhD. Solid Tumors and Hematologics. 1-714-894-0011 / FAX 1-714-893-3659 / e-mail:

    One interesting note about Dr. Larry Weisenthal (Weisenthal Cancer Group). Someone very close to him had advanced ovarian cancer a few years ago. She underwent heroic debulking surgery (from pelvic floor to diaphragm) and tissue specimens were sent for chemosensitivity testing which showed resistance to single agent cisplatin and carboplatin and resistance to taxol. The three drug combination of vinorelbine, gemcitabin and high dose tamoxifen was very synergistic and tested sensitive. She was treated with 6 cycles of gemcitabine, carboplatin, vinorelbine and high dose tamoxifen with only minimal nausea and with no other toxicity. Her CA-125 normalized, her bowel symptomatology normalized and she gained back all of the 25 or so pounds which she had lost. She stated that she now feels better than she has in years and will undergo a second laparotomy sometime soon. This person "never" would have benefited with taxol/carboplatin.