comfortable garments..after maste.

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had a bi-lateral mast and not sure what is the best garment to buy since i have the problem with always being hot and hate to have anything too constircting..still want to look nice..reconstruction not an option at this time. Suggestions?


  • 3rdtime
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    Hi, only had one side done but until I got my prosthesis, I wore one of those sports bras. Bought a size bigger than normal so it wouldn't be so tight and it was pretty comfortable. And since there are no cups, it lays nicely under clothing.
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    Sara, look at the camisoles in the American Cancer Society's TLC catalog at

    One is called a radiation camisole... 100% cotton, no seams. The other is lacy and comes in black or white. I find that when I wear either and tuck the camisole bottom into my pants, it anchors the "floaters" that would otherwise aim straight for my neckline to pop out inappropriately at people.