legs and feet

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i get the worse cramps in the middle of my calf and down by the toes. i could be asleep and turn the wrong way and ouch there it is


  • muppie
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    Are you drinking enough water? I tend to get similar leg cramps if I haven't been drinking enough. The 8 glasses of water a day thing really works!
  • happiness
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    yes, so do I,,,it all started after the chemo. Since then I had radiation and treatments have been over for 1 1/2 months. I wonder when I will feel better.
  • inkblot
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    Hi vac:

    Just a thought: If what you're experiencing is definitely cramping, it's possible that what your body has been through may have depleted your levels of potassium. This notoriously causes cramping. Are you having cramps in any other of your muscles? Please bring it to the attetnion of your doctor. He/she can run a lab to see what your levels are and address it from that point.

    Hope you find the answer soon.

    Love, light and laughter,