Think Spring!!!

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It sure has been a tough winter for me!! Soooo cold in the northeast U.S.A. And we still have two more weeks of February. But it's better than three months of winter! In about two weeks, it will be March and Spring is around the corner. God bless you all!!! Keep praying for me as I am fighting to keep my teaching certification as a disabled teacher who can work part-time in a Learning Center! The Governor of Maryland has recently raised the Dept. of Individuals with Disabilities to a cabinet level position, so I have asked them if they can help and I have been in touch with a great gal who is trying her best!!!


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    Hi maggs:

    Ahhh, that wonderful season when our earth and all living things are renewed! I'm all over the Spring anticipation with you!!! Can't wait to get outside, gardening, etc.. Birds have returned from their wintering grounds and I've stocked up on seed for them as they have been known to get caught in a late snow storm! Perish the thought!

    Best of luck in winning support and finding loop holes...whatever it takes in order to retain your teaching certification. Hoping this new rep. can
    move some obstacles and get the ball rolling in the right direction for you.

    Love, light and laughter,
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    Know what you mean ladies, my maple tree is budding out! Brought tears to my eyes.
    My family planted it for me in 2001 when I had my 2nd lumpectomy. It's always reminds me what a blessing it is to still be here, that and when the hummingbirds return!
    God Bless and best of luck maggs. I know everything will work out fine. hummer