may have lung cancer

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Hi iam not new too this site i first came on as a Brest cancer and that was one year ago know they think i may have Lung cancer i will find out for sure on Wensday.I want too know if anyone knows why my doc is wanting to do chemo instead of Radiation from the way he talked Radiation was not a option for lung cancer patients but i see on here that a lot of you have went through raidation.I think i would much rather go through radition than chemo again.I know neither one is going to be easy.If some one can maybe give me a anwere as too why he isnt concedering radiation i would appreicate it.Thanks a lot Bunnie


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    Hi, Bunnie Your doctor may think chemotherapy is better because you have cancer in your body that is cropping up. Maybe it moved from your breast to your lung. Chemo will treat your whole body, while radiation just treats the one tumor. I am guessing, of course. It is very important that you understand what and why they are doing treatments. Ask your doctor to explain his ideas to you until you understand them. Sometimes doctors get too technical. Maybe there is a nurse in the office you would be more comfortable talking with who can explain things to you. Keep asking until you understand. We all don't have medical backgrounds so there is nothing to be ashamed of. Keep asking. This is a matter of life and death for you. Maybe you have a friend or relative to go to visits with you. I rely on having somebody with me so they can cover some of the things I miss. It's a lot to deal with. I hope your tests show you don't have lung cancer. If they do, get the answers you need and deserve. Best of luck to you. Let us know what happens.
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    Dear Bunnie, my grandfather had lung cancer and it was the hardest thing that we had ever been through together. My grandfather had several radiation treatments before he died. I honestly think that he would have survived if the doctors hadn't had caught it so late. I hope that you went to the doctor as soon as you had the feeling that something was wrong. I hope that you have plenty of family to support you through all of this because it is not only a physically challenging but it is also emotional.