Anyone have bladder cancer 1st?

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My father was diagnosed with bladder cancer and it was basically cleared up with treatments. Then he had a pain in his side soon after that. When they took an Xray they discovered a "growth" in his right kidney. They say he has to have his kidney out. The doctor with the 2nd opinion also says he should have his bladder out at the same time. Anyone else out there have the same experience with a bladder/kidney cancer connection? Thank you for any advice or info you might have. This is happening fast and is scary.


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    Hi CSN guy - Yes, I had bladder cancer first. I am in the beginning stages. Diagnosed in February, 2004 and had my bladder scrapped out March 3rd. I start chemo this coming Monday on the 29th. It's called BCG and it is injected directly into the bladder.

    My cancer was T1, grade 111.

    Where are you at in your treatment?