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Hi, all - sorry I haven't been in the chat room for the past couple of months, but I can't get in! Anyway, here's the newest problem --I'm on taxotere and carboplatin and my eyes run tears constantly - to the point where my cheeks are chapped! People think I'm crying until I explain (and then the sympathy stops - maybe I should stop explaining!!) My nose runs, too - and I have a bloody nose every morning. Doc says it's the chemo plus the winter - but does anyone have any suggestions to relieve this? And I've contacted the Webmaster to see how I can get back in the chat room ---love you all ---the BADGER


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    I think my situation was a little different during my last 2 treatments my nose started bleeding and my eyes would water to the point that i actually did start crying the treatments were affecting my hormones.They put me on Effexor.I now know that I'm in menopause.It has its good points and bad. Try some neosporin on your dry chapped skin at night to heal the skin,please don't scratch it and get infected. I've probably been no help our situations were a little different.But I still care-Maybe it won't be much longer-the first day of spring is March 20th!!!!!
    God Bless You
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    i have the same problem my eyes run and does my nose the doctor said it will be over in 6 months i notice it started to dry off then i went for a stem cel transplant, 5 months latter i am still dripping, it is so iritating. i have a box of tissue in every room
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    In addition to causing your eyes to tear more, the chemo causes the tear ducts to get clogged. It actually occurs because the tissue on the inside of the very fine tear ducts "overgrows". It will reverse itself sometimes, after chemo is completed, but in many cases, it is a permanent phenomenon. If you see an ophthalmologist early, and get referred to an oculoplastics person, they can place a silicon stent in the duct to keep it from closing. They then pull the stent about 3-4 months after the chemo is done. Hope this helps.
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    Hi, I read the other responses and Pewter's respone was on the accurate. It is the Taxotere. And I have had the same experience and unfortunately my eyes did not go back to normal. I did see the opthamogist over a year ago. Because I was continuing with my treatments he didn't wish to pursue the implant procedure. Instead we attempted to open the duct first with inserting needles into the ducts and trying to stretch them. Not successful. And then I went back and he snipped the lower ducts to create canals. Also not successful. I just have had too many other things going on that I didn't go back and try having the stint put in and at the time I was doing extensive Chemo and while it's an outpatient procedure, if I am not mistaken I think it requires anesthesia and the doc wasn't too thrilled about doing that while I was in that condition. Doing better now and should go back and check it out. Alas, even that procedure according to him was not a sure thing. So, I constantly am dabbing at my eyes. Makes many activites a bit difficult. I hope that you are one of the ones that your eyes will return to normal. God Bless you Lisa
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    I had the weeping eyes too while I was on taxotere but I completed my treatments in November and my eyes are back to normal. I think it took about a month or so but my Christmas I was fine. It seems that as soon as my eye lashes started to grow back the tearing dried up. So don't dispair your eye mositure may return to normal, mine did.