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I was diagnosed on Friday with stage2 maybe stage3 (wont know till surgery) and onocologist wants to do two rounds of chemo before mastectomy. Has anyone else heard of this or done it? All replies would be appreciated.


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    This is the route I went. I had 12 weekly treatments of Taxol followed by 4 rounds of FAC (3 wks. apart). I had a rather large tumor (ER/PR+ and Her2/Neu-) and they wanted to shrink it prior to surgery. My stage was the about the same as yours. Hope all goes well with your treatments. It is all very doable!
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    Chemo before surgery is becoming the standard for most stage 2 and above breast cancers.( This according to my Onc.) It worked great for me. Chemo first allows for shrinkage of the tumor or tumors as well as allowing for the skin sparing procedure and possible implant. I had stage 2- 4 tumors and nodes in left breast and chemo killed all of them. I believe the MOST important thing you can do for yourself is take the time during Chemo to research your options and get options for surgery from more then one Dr. Don't let the Dr's make you feel rushed in your decisions. Good Luck...
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    I had 12 weeks of Chemo beafore bilaterial rad. Mascetomy. Plastic surgeon said that was a gool idea because of all the vomiting the surgery would hurt more.
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    I had chemo before the lumpectomy so he didn't have to remove so much breast tissue. Have you ruled out a lumpectomy? Remember in a lot of cases it is just as effective and sure lot less of a problem, you would need radiation but as in my case I would of had radiation anyhow with two postive nodes. I have heard of a lot of reasons for chemo first but the vomitting was a new one. Most of us don't vomit all that much in chemo and if so insist upon different meds. Good luck and remember God will see you through this. Linda