Refused treatment at MD Anderson

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Has anyone ever tried to go to MD Anderson but been refused to be seen? I have been told the doctor will not even see me because of a doctor's policy that refuses to even see patients who have had two chemo treatments (in my case, original cancer + one recurrence) and my type of cancer, a neuroendocrine rectal cancer. I am having to "appeal" to the doctor to even get an office visit (and I have insurance). I have been told this is a new policy that was instituted in 2003. Has anyone ever had this kind of experience?


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    Hi, georgeanns -

    Being a military guy I'm in a socialized medicine regime... sorta weird, you have what many would consider a socialist society (housing, medical, food, centralized structure) protecting the US from the evils of a socialist empire (well... up until 1986 anyway...) Like that line from "Crimson Tide"... "XO, we're here to defend democracy, not to practice it." Anyway, I digress...

    So as I was saying, I haven't had to deal with anything like your situation, but since nobody else has responded, I thought I would mention a discussion string I read several weeks ago about folks who weren't being seen by their oncs because of the Bush change in national healthcare initiative and it's impact on cancer patients. If I remember correctly it was aspalaysia (sp?) who started the thread (maybe not - if i got that wrong my apologies)... anyway, perhaps this is why they are giving you difficulties?

    Hope this works out for you...

    - SpongeBob