update on mom

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well today she had her first treatment of ac and was pretty worn out from the whole ordeal and from being so scared and nervous but im so proud of her for handling it as good as she did.she had decadron and it caused her sugar to spike at 574 which really had us nervous because of her diabetes but shes hanging in there


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    The nice part about AC is that you have a stinky week, followed by a better week, followed by an almost normal week. The fear and anticipation is horrific on that first appointment date. Thanks for taking the time to let us know that Mom got past that first appointment okay.
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    Hi Tom,
    Is the decadron a steroid because I too am diabetic and the steroids while helping with nausea will spike the blood sugar. I got 1/2 the steroid dose and my BS only was its highest at 300, bad but still better than close to 600. How old is your Mom? Any questions about the diabetese feel free to e mail me. Good luck,