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Thank you to everyone who has responed to my first message yesterday were I just told a brief stroy of my situation. I have read alot of the other messager and notice there is alot about diet changes. Did your Drs. suggest this? Something you read? I was just wondering since I have never been told to change by diet habits which are probably not the best. I only usually have nausea for a couple days now since I have not used my pump since July. Also there was mention of liver resection. Can anyone fill me in on this. I have liver mets inumerable when first scan was done now with last CT scan being in July 2003 a 90% reduction and PET scan suggesting they were dead. Should I ask my Dr. about a liver resection. I have so many questions for my Dr. nest time I see him. Also what is this oral med. that everyone talks about Xeloda(?) I have never been on that. I also notice alot of people on Celebrex. I was given Vioxx which I know is similar but is one suppose to be better than the other. And can anyone tell when the chemo will end? I started doing it every other week from Sept 2002 to July 2003--Day 1 oxcal,5FU pump for 22 Hrs.,Day 2 Leucovorin 5FU push and another pump of it for 22 hrs. Now I go every 4 weeks day 1 oxcal and 5FU push Day 2 Leucovorin and 5FU push. Dr. is suggestiong going back on the pump. Well I know all the questions are alot but I feel like I have gained so much knowledge in the last day and do not know what to do with it all.


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    Hello again, Jenn -

    Regarding diet; mine was mostly trial/error/pre-existing aversion to red meat/reading/ and stuff I learned here. One thing so many folks will tell you is that cancer eats sugar so stay away from it. There are others here imminently more qualified to talk to you about diet than I am so I defer to them.

    Regarding Celebrex - clinical studies have shown that Celebrex actually helps reduce the incidence of colon polyps. I can't definitively say the same thing about Vioxx - haven't looked into it since I'm on Celebrex. One side effect of chemo seems to be arthritis (maybe it's just because we semi-colons tend to be more... mature... generally speaking). I am doing doing double duty with the Celebrex; it's for arthritis, but also helps (hopefully) stave off a relapse. Talk to your onc and see what s/he says.

    BTW, awesome news on your PET scan!!

    - SpongeBob
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    Hi jenn,

    How I missed this thread is beyond me! I thought I had radar for these kinds of questions.

    NO my doctor NEVER told me anything about diet are you kidding?? You would think that colon cancer patients would be given some info...maybe others have but mine surely didn't. Just look at what they served you in the hospital after your surgery! That should tell you right there they are clueless.

    I did all my own research. But I had been through this before after my sister was dx'ed with intestinal cancer....and then after my dx I got really serious...but that's another story.

    If you are curious about my diet post dx please go to my webpage on this site. I go into detail about it.

    I cannot help you in the diet during chemo department though...there are others who would be better for that.

    peace, emily who is on a crusade to conquer cancer
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    Weight gain after chemo

    I just finished chemo treatments in July and have gained 40 lbs since March . Has anyone else had extreme weight gain after being treated for colorectal cancer . I have stage 4 colorectal cancer with a permanent colostomy bag . Any suggestions on how to lose the weight would be so helpful . I am not eating large amounts of food . Just frustrating.

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