NHL / Ritixan for maintenance after remission??? anyone with results please!

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I have low-grade , stage 1 NHL . At age 39 I was in waitful watching for 6 months. Dr recommended rituxan to put in remission for 4-5 years. well, it lasted 6 months before I went into emergency chemo / chop therapy for 8 treatments. After a pet and cat scan , results showed completely resolved / remission. Went to Dr today , he wants me to take rituxan again as a maintenance measure.
4 cycles every 6 months for 2 years. I have to give him my decision within a few weeks. It's hard to find any data or feedback, being such a new drug. Afraid of all the precautions of the drug. If anyone has any information or know of anyone that has used rituxan as a maintenance prevention, please let me knoe. Thanks, John


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    Hello, John,

    I've had retaxin as one of my major drugs during my chemo/immune therapy. My doctor said I might have to have it again if I presented again, but that was all. If I remember correctly, he said there were very few side effects with the drug, unlike adrimycin (I know I spelled that wrong). Good luck with whatever you decide.
    Best always,
    Roy [email protected]
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    I have to make the same decission next week. I have to get a CT Scan tomarrow to see what has happened since three mo. ago. My doctor as yours has sugested I go on the Rituxan. I wanted to wait three mo. that will end next week to see if any more groth. Mine is in stage 4. I beleive if there is more groth I will proceed with the Rituxan.
    This is not new, I have been reading about it and morr are going with it.
    If you want more info to read about go to www.lymphoma.org and read what is new.
    I have done a lot of preying about this and I believe that is what God would have me to do. I hope what you read on the lymphoma web site help you. God bless. biojim.
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    John -- I am currently receiving Rituxan as a maintenance. I had CHOP + Rituxan for six cycles after first being diagnosed, and then after my six cycles they wanted me to start the Rituxan Maintenance. I thought it would be a good idea versus simply going back to wait and see. I have had two cycles of the maintenance treatment and am feeling fine (my next CT is next week and hopefully that will continue to show NED (no evidence of disease). Maintenace is very easy to do -- you get the rituxan one day, for four weeks, and then not again for another six months. They say that it has a very good ratio of keeping this illness at bay, and as long as your insurance will cover it (very expensive!), I say go for it. Good luck
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    John, I had NHL, Stage 2 and ended chemo in Dec '02. At the time Rituxan was just coming out and I participated in a study that funded 8 cycles for the drug in conjunction with CHOP. My Oncologist subsequently has taken a job with Idec, the maker of Rituxan. I would do it the same, all over again. Rituxan is great stuff and I clearly believe it aided in my quick recovery, JSM
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    Hello John,
    I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphopa on Feb 5th 1992. I am now on maintenance with Rituxin with no problems. I have had several types of chemo and radiation with the usual side effects. I went through the hair loss, weight loss, and just feeling lousy. I can tell you that Rituxin is the easiest of all to tollerate. I get Rituxin on 4 Fridays in a row every 3 months. I do not experience any side effects. Just keep thinking positive and you'll do ok. Please keep us posted on your progress.