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Within the last week I finished Radiation treatment. Am now taking Tamoxifen, which I was very anxious about - I was totally upbeat until the last few days - having tough time coping - crying a lot, still very tired, feeling out of sorts. Is this normal? Any suggestions?


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    Take your time. You've just gone through a lot of changes. Your emotions may be all over the place but it is normal. You've spent a lot of time focusing on getting rid of the cancer now everything is quiet. You need to give yourself time to heal emotionally as well as physically. The tamoxifen will give you hot flashes (so be prepared). Honestly, the more you talk about with someone the better you feel. I didn't think was true a few months ago but this site has helped. Take care. Stay strong. Cry if you need to. Karen
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    I think we all pretty much go through the same sort of roller coaster at the conclusion of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Your week used to revolve around appts, good day/bad day, hauling yourself to radiation five days each week for treatments, etc. Now, it is suddenly as if the merry-go-'round has stopped, and you've done everything feasible, only to discover that you are left to navigate the part where you are waiting for the next shoe to drop. It stinks. But at least we have each other.
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    I've been taking Tamoxifen since April of last year. When I first started I basically had the same symptoms you are talking about. Sometimes I still cry, and I am one year out. This July will be 2. The hot flashes are sometimes unbearable. I asked my GYN about this and she prescribed an anti-depressant called Effexor XR which help to somewhat alleviate the flashes. She also told me to start taking Vitamin E. Keep strong and don't keep anything bottled in. You will be in my prayers.

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    Hi, I've seen this question on this site over and over, seems we all go through it. When the activity of being treated is over and we begin the rest of our lives, we kind of fall apart for a bit. I found I was grieving for my "Heathly Self". I always viewed myself as healthy as an ox. Now the ox's mortality hit me right in the face.
    Allow yourself some time, cry and pamper yourself a bit. You will still be tired and weakened from the treatments as well. If you find this sadness goes on too long talk to your doctor about antidepressents.
    Good Luck, Beth
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    Your body just needs to adjust to the tamoxifen, it will get better. Vitamin E helps a lot but you need to take more than average. Ask your dr how much you can take. Hang in it's worth it.