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I had a Wilms tumor in 1960 when I was six years old. I'm almost 50 and doing very well. I was treated at the Boston Children's Hospital where my left kidney and spleen were removed. I also had chemotherapy and radiation. Issues have been infertility, osteoperosis, kidney stones, a non-malignant lump in my breast and stomach polups. I am short waisted due to the
radiation. Because the cancer had matasisized to my lungs, my abdomen and chest were radiated. The radiation also effected my ovaries and development. Any one out there like me? Thanks so much.


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    Hi Teri Lynn,

    There are a lot of adult survivors of childhood cancer out there and many share similar physical problems from treatments. There is a very good book you may find helpful, Childhood Cancer Survivors by Nancy Keene. You can see contents etc at Amazon and find it used on various sites. COG just released follow-up guidelines for childhood survivors. You may want to check out this resource on the web. There is also a long term survivors discussion group with over 300 members, many survivors of Wilm's tumors. You can find this group at click on mailing lists and look for the LTS group, for long term survivors.
    And you can always write to me Linda Zame ([email protected]) if you want more information.
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    Hi Teri Lynn
    I'm a 47 year survivor of Wilms having it in 1956 at the age of 11 months. The ACOR site mentioned in another post by Linda Zame is a great place for discussing late effects with other Wilms survivors. I hope you will come and join us. The following link will take you to my story about my Wilms.
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    I had a Neuroblastoma in 1961, I was 6 months old. This was cancer of the right hand nervous system. I been told I had Cheamo, radiation and cobalt treatments. This has taken me for a continuos ride. From the treatments. I know how you feel.
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    I had radiation in 84 at age 10 and i too am infertile. Mine was for a brain tumor and therefore am bald on either side of my head as well. The thing is we shouldn't look at just the negative parts because the positive part is bigger. WE SURVIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!
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    I was diagnosed with Wilms tumor in 1977 when i was 3 1/2. I was treated with chemo, radiation and they removed my left kidney. when i was 18 I had an ovarian cyst (benign), removed with no problems. I am also short waisted (makes shopping interesting and a little depressing).

    I've been very active over the years. I surf everyday and was a peace corps volunteer in Africa. However, now I'm going to through some sort of gastro-intestinal problems. I also suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Has anyone gone through this?

    I turn 31 this summer and I've just met the man of my dreams. I am worried about infertility.
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    As a very young child,I had radiation and chemotherapy to treat a neuroblastoma in my lower back. I spent a lot of my childhood overcoming the effects of the radiation. My ovaries were also destroyed by the radiation; I will never have children. I have been on hormones since I was 14. I am now 28. Still, even intercourse is extrodinarily painful because of scarring due to the radiation, etc. I am losing my hair prematurely -- probably because of low hormone levels. I am married, have a phd, and work in the field of international development. I have moved on with my life and try not to let my cancer define me. I recognize that I am richly blessed -- life could have been so much worse. I have never allowed myself to feel angry or sorry for myself. But still, somedays are really really hard. How do I move past my childhood cancer when everyday I am faced with the consequences of the radiation? No one around me can really understand. Its not the kind of thing thats easy to talk about. Today is an especially hard day. I have gone from feeling angry to sad and disappointed. Does anyone else have days like this?