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I have just had surgery 1/21/04
My gleason score was a 6 and my psa was
7.2 My doctor since then has told me that the cancer was contained and they found no migration.
Should i have radiation anyway to be on the safe side.I am a 62 year old man and i am not worried about sexual function at this time.I am just worried they might have left a cell and it is not gone from my body
Any answers would be appreciated


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    Hello Capt. Your situation sounds a good bit like mine....61, Gleason 6, psa 11. I had surgery Nov,'02 so I'm 14 months postop and they told me it was contained, no migration. We decided to wait for follow-up PSA's at 6 weeks, 6 months and one year to see if there was any change before taking action. So far-so good and the readings have been below .01. You might ask your urologist about waiting at least the 6 weeks to see what the PSA says.

    Hope you're recovering nicely with no complications and we wish you luck with your test results.

    Yours aye, Sailor
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    Capt; One more note. There is more discussion a little further down on the discussion list... see the one from carmenf and the replies. Pretty much the same subject you brought up.

    Cheers, Sailor
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    Hi Capt,

    I hope your recovery is going well. I am a 2 1/2 yr survivor of a Prostatectomy. At the time of surgery I was 58 and my gleason scores were comparable to yours.

    I had no chemo or radiation following surgery and my PSA continues to be 0.05 or better. I would tend to agree with Sailor in refraining from Radiation or Chemo until the result of the first PSA test is determined.

    I hope you continue to improve and keep in touch. Above all, keep a positive attitude. There are a lot of Survivors out here.

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    Generally, with non-agressive cancer I would agree that a wait and see position may make sense pre-DECISION, NOT POST OR AFTER THE DECISION TO HAVE SURGERY. However, some of the below questions may want to be considered ---

    I would only suggest and request that you ask your doctor.

    "is it possible that when you were cutting the prostate out that a cell became loose or there was some tissue of the prostate remaining?"

    Further, if a cell did get out, is it most likely to remain in that area where it could be killed off with radiation (NOW) or is it likely to migrate to another spot that then can not be treated easily?

    To much is hinging on what the doctor believes was contained (the parts he could see) and not enough questions on the parts (cells) that he can not see.(he makes no guarantee)

    Once the cancer cells have left this area which, is more easliy treated, may not be the time to think about radiation.

    How big a deal would it be to have radiation verse wait?

    Once (IF) the psa goes up, is this an indication that the cancer has spread since most of the prostate has been removed?

    What would then cause the psa to to increase if the prostate has been removed?

    Why did you go through all of this surgery to now start taking chances? You obviously have doubts.

    Notice if you will that almost all cancer treatements (women especially) are now advocating two differing treatments. Surgery/Radiation, Radiation/Chemo or what they call a "cocktail" etc... depending but, they are, as far as I can read finding more success using two different types of treatment.

    Your call, I don't want to be a worry wart but again, why did you go through all of this?

    Good luck and keep in touch
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    Hi Everyone.. This is the captain sending message to all that responded too my questions.
    After surgery i had a 6 week test and it was good. It was a .02. I asked if that was good and my doctor said perfect.Then i went back for 6 month a little early but do too traveling i wanted to get tested before i left.
    Again it was .02 and i am confident it it was all gotten.But my next one won't be before a year but i think i will go back in 6 months again to make sure.
    My bladder control has returned well but not great yet.I still wear a pad sometimes if i cough wrong i dribble. But overall it is much better.I hope all of you are doing well and hope to hear from you .
    Thanks to all that answered my questions and i hope you are all doing well'
    The Captain