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Hi all,

I'm Esther.. I have some burning questions abt the symptoms of ovarian cancer, especially with the symptoms. I donno if my situation indicates possible symptoms of ovarian cancer.

My menstruation has always been regular each month. But the problem is on the 13th or 14th of the calendar, I would have like a half day kinda menstruation.. It's not exactly like menstruation, what I mean is that the lubricants seems to be mixed with blood stains.. at times quite a lot. then.. when it's gonna clear, it becomes dark brown in color. Then things are as normal till another cycle of menstruation takes place. I feel tired, depressed.. grumpy just as the 'actual' menstruation symptoms.

During this 2nd round of menstruation, I also feel slight pain in both my ovari.. sometimes, the left, then, the right one and sometimes concurrently.
I'm pretty worried abt my condition. Hope you could help me clarify some things out. Thanks to all.



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    My only symptoms were bloating and low-grade pain in my abdomen. Get checked out now. There is no regular screening for ovarian cancer. Be sure, be safe.
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    Hi cysean, I was post menapausal when first diagnosed but I had low abdominal pain hadn't been myself for several months, tired and dizzy spells. Ovarian cancer is hard to diagnos until well advanced so do get it checked out. Granny1120
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    Hi Esther:
    I was symptom free, at stage 1C. As the others suggested I would definitely get it checked out. Hopefully, it is NOT CA. If so, suggest to the doctor that he/she check for endometriosis. That's what I had since age 16. It can mimic some of the same symptoms. Please keep us updated. God Bless you - my prayers are with you.
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    The only syptoms I had was bloating and feeling tired. Have it checked out and ask lots of questions. I pray that its not cancer.