BC and oopherectomy..input please :)

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Hi, I would really appreciate some input. I am a 5 1/2 year BC survivior. I was 35 y/o, three positive nodes. I had a double mastectomy, two course of chemo ac/taxol and standard 6 wk radiation. I have been on Tamoxifen for five years and need to come off. I am still very much pre menopausal and there seem to be no good options. My doctors are hesitant with the oopherectomy approach at the age of 41 and I would really like to hear from people that have some knowledge background to this approach. Thank you :)


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    I was diagnosed with bc in May and have brought the subject of an oopherectomy to my doctors several times. Since my tumors were estrogen positive I am concerned about ANY estrogen in my body. I am 51 and had a hysterectomy 18 years ago. I was not sure where I was regarding menopause. My oncologist told me that if I was premenopausal they would definitely consider removing my ovaries. I don't blame you for your concern. I would suggest you try to find an oncologist who specializes in gynecological cancer and get an opinion.
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    42 here, diagnosed at age 38, had a hysterectomy at age 40.
    Told them to 'take it all out' no need to worry about ovarian or uterine cancer.
    At least that's my philosophy.
    Best thing I ever did as far as I can tell.
    Good luck.
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    Studies have shown that putting women on Arimidex and the other new drug in this catagory "Femera" I think, have reduced the rat e chances for reoccurance. Being pre-menapausal creates a problem with this treatment regime. I think I would go for the oopherectomy in your shoes. Like Humm said - take it out who needs it - Good Luck, Beth
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    I was 26 when I was first diagnosed and 28 when I had a reoccurance while on Tamoxifen. My doc and I both agreed that the least amount of estrogen would be the best route. So I decided to have them removed rather than take meds to make them inactive. Best decision. Now we don't have to wonder about the amount of estrogen my ovaries make. Easy procedure too. It was outpatient and tiny scars. My gyno was hesitant since I was so young but I said that since I wasn't allowed to be pregnant ever again, no need to have the equipment. Can't say I miss having periods either. And besides I was already having hot flashes so there were no real side effects to get used to. Although now, I am conscious about making sure I get enough calcium. I plan on living a long time and I am going to need my bones to get around!!