Pain after surgery...YEEOUCH!

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Hi all -

I'm 39 and a super-happy dude. Even rectal cancer did not make me stop smiling - thanks to Jesus. However, one year after surgury to remove my rectum I'm in tremendous pain. Doc's think it's nerve damage. Feels like someone planted a cowboy boot in my former butt. Yesterday I downed 30+ Oxycodone. This seems out of control. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks



  • spongebob
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    David -

    30+ Oxycodone? No wonder you're happy! First suggestion I have is to stop taking so much Oxycodone (easy for me to say, I know, I don't have a cowboy boot sticking out of my @$$)

    Second, have you visited the "Pain" discussion here at the CSN? You might find some good info there from meds to acupuncture to biofeedback to blueberry smoothies. Well, OK, you probably won't find the blueberry smoothies there, those are here....

    - SpongeBob
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    Hi David,
    I'm not able to offer much help from personal experience, but as a nurse, I'd suggest reviewing your pain control plan with an MD pronto. Nerve damage can at times be managed with other types of meds than straight pain killers...if your MD is not familiar, you might ask for referral to a pain clinic. Good luck to you. Judy