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My treatment for breast cancer was completed in May 2003, I had chemo and radiation. The chemo consisted of Cyclophoshamide, 5FU, Epirubicin, My doctor told me what combination that was (CAF)? I don't remember, chemo brain. Anyway,I have been having pain in my groin area on the right side, on the same side as my breast cancer. I have seen numerous doctors and my oncolgist she had numerous tests done, x-rays of my back, leg, knees and other areas. Also a bone scan was done. All the tests came by back negative. But the pain is still there? Any suggestions?


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    Where does your oncologist suggest you go from here? Have you seen a gynecologist about this pain? This might be a good place to start if your oncologist has ruled out anything associated with cancer and treatments received. Do not give up on finding the source of your pain. Hang in there!
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    I finished my chemo in aug, then 6 wks of rad's and I have the same problem, same side, except my cancer was on the left side. The pain has been there for months now. Sometimes it goes away for days. I'm getting the results of my bone scan on thurs. Ultra sounds, pap smears, have so far shown nothing. My GYN said he could look inside with a scope, but I said no to that. My family doc said I need to get a bladder check (potassium or something like that) with a scope. He thinks most lower pelvic pain comes from bladder problems. I'll do that next if this doesn't go away and I have no reason to think it will, since it hasn't. Good Luck!! PS also I seem to be a bit more bloated than normal.