Tactics for "Well-Wishers"

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I have a number of family members that live out of state. No matter how often that I try to communicate that I am not feeling well enough to entertain long phone calls or discuss the possible outcomes of any of the procedures I go through, I guess I can't seem to get them to back off much.

I often tell them if they have any questions about breast cancer, that they should look at the ACS site on the web and the breast cancer discussion site. I also remind them that breast cancer is a chronic disease. It's not something you "get over". I don't get particularly upset at the latest hospital admission or the latest bad results on tests. I know how this will most likely end and I am just here for the ride.

Any suggestions for dealing with my "well-wishers"? Maybe I have been too cautious with their feelings and should just screen all my calls and respond to even fewer of them. When I don't call back, people assume the worst, then start calling even more often. I guess I am thankful they care, but sometimes I feel like my function is more for me to comfort them than vice versa.