My Moms Dying

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My mom is dying of gall bladder cancer, her liver is dieing as well cause it spread to the liver. They dont think chemo will help her,and she wants to be home for a bit. This all came about in 10 days. So in 10 days we learned she needed gall bladdr surgery,learned of spots on her liver, then the cancer. I'm only 26,my dad has only been married & with my mom 29 years. Its hitting us all hard.Any words of wisdom,advice anything? Please give it. We could all use it...



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    I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. I can relate, lost my Mother to liver cancer 7 months ago. she chose to be at home to die so I took care of her. one thing I learned was they need to know that you will be ok, it will help them to have peace. it was the worst thing I have ever been through so I feel your pain.
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    Hi Leaha, My mom has also been diagnosed with gall bladder cancer over the holidays. We are all in shock still, its inoperable and in her liver as well. I feel so bad for her for the pain, she is doing chemo, but it really wipes her out. It seems frustrating not being able to do much against this. Its my first experience with cancer. I am hoping that talking to others will help us get some perspective.
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    Hi Leaha, I'm sorry for your pain. I know exactly what u are going through. My mom is dying of breast cancer. It has spread to her liver and the doctors have stopped her chemo because it was doing more worst than good. She is now at home and we are caring for her. Pain management as they call it. It is so hard to picture my life without her. She is the air that I breathe. Words of wisdom or advice I am searching for myself. I just spend as much time as I can with her. I have baby sisters 26, 17, 14 and my daughter 12. I guess I just wanted to let u know that u are not alone and I will pray to God to give u and your family strength for I know that is what we need most now. God bless u and your family.
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    hold on to your faith & hope. i dont know what your religious belief may be but prayer helps. tell your mom everything you want to tell her. i know its hard but you have to remain strong for her.tell her you love her and you'll be ok. i'll say a prayer for you & your family. trust me i lost my brother to this terrible disease and now my parents are dealing with cancer as well. all these years my hope & faith has kept me together. god bless
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    Well I can try to give you some.I prolly could I lost my mom of cancer 3 years ago when i was 18yrs old.I can tell you from the time that she got very sick.All's my whole family could do is be there for her.Keep the ones she loves close by her. HAve a a close friend or a friend she hasn't seen ina while come by to see her.Have her stop by talk to her for a bit you know.But make sure you know what your mom wants.Is she doesn't want anyo0ne to see her like how she is then respect that but have soem of her friends stop by.You know make her happy. Do things for her no matter what.If she says she wants kfc chicken get it for her. buy her nice things for her that she likes.This is some of the things i did for my mom when she was sick and before she pasted away.She was in my sight everyday.
    And also have you had the conversation with her just between the too of you of what is going on?You really should i missed out that chance with my mom and i wished i had that conversation with her.So please have that talk between you to like inthe house somewhere.Her room.Let things out tell her how you feel about everything...Please write back if you would like i love to help you through this and give you some support...
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    hi Leaha. my mom is dying of esophageal cancer and I understnad what you are going through. My dad has been with my mom for 22 years and I'm 21 with a 1 year old son. if you ever need to talk e-mail me @ [email protected]. there is nothing the doc's can do for your mom? any surgeries? My mother's cancer has spread to her liver also, but in her case they can't do anything and chemo can't help. Be strong for your mom and your dad. Don't give up hope either, always think positive.Take care : )