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I'm pretty sure my sister has it. She won't go for a biopsy, What can I do?


  • stepet
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    Hey there, what makes you think your sister has lymphoma? She really needs to get things checked out. The worst thing you can do with this is let it go. It doesn't just go away, and the longer she waits the more advanced it becomes. I went to the doctor as soon as I grew concerned and I was lucky that we caught it at it's earliest stage 1a. Please convince your sister to get it checked out, it can only help. And just so you know I had no health insurance at the time of diagnosis. Believe me my health was more important than any money problems I might be stuck with! Take Care and good luck Sandi
  • noeldenise
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    I made sure my Dr checked for several things before I would consent to surgery. We checked my white blood count. That was normal. We did an ultrasound of my neck to make sure it was my lymphnodes that were swollen. It was. I even made my Dr check for Cat Scratch Disease. When that was negative, I finally consented to surgery. I thought at 29, surely I coundn't have cancer, but I did. I am now 3 years in remission. I spent about as much time going through all of those tests and worrying about the problem as I did going through treatment! Sometimes a person just needs a little time for the facts to sink in, just don't wait too long. If it is cancer, it is better to catch it right away.