My dad has lung cancer!

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My daddy was diagnosed with lung cancer about 4 months ago, and it is the hardest thing to deal with.


  • Trese
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    I'm so sorry to hear that, but try not to jump to conclusions. Lots and lots and lots of people fully recover, OK?!!! The fear of the unknown is usually our greatest enemy. If you need to talk privately, please send me an email. My dad had cancer 15 years ago. They couldn't do much for him back then, but things are so different now. I know how scary it is ... but my motto was "Just Try to Stay Calm and Confident!"
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    Dont worry too much, my mother in law had lung cancer 8 years ago and is doing great still... cancer doesn't always mean a person is going to die.
  • angel88
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    I am so sorry. But i know how you feel. By dad had it. He was diagonsed last August. If you need someone to talk to i am here. Even though i am young i understand. It's hard at any age. I think it is harder the older you get because you get to know them more and are around them more. But when your young you have dreams and some with them and you don't want them to be shattered hope all goes well