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I went to the post office today to get some new stamps. I always buy the stamps that a portion of the money goes to breast cancer research. The postman says they dont have them any longer. Has anyone found this to be the case. Is it just my area or nationwide. Does anyone know who I would contact if it is nationwide. This was such a great way to support breast cancer research!! We still need more research, why stop this great program. Sharon


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    I don't think I've ever seen those stamps. It will be interesting to read your responses. I've bought M&M's, saved and mailed yogart tops and such, but haven't seen the stamps. Beth
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    Hi! I do still have some BC stamps. I heard they were not making them anymore. I'm sorry but I don't know who to contact. I'll be interested to see if anyone knows who to contact. Maybe if enough people complain, they will restart making them again. HUGS!! Cathy
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    I had the same experience when I went to the post office to buy my breast cancer stamps. I was told that the contract the post office has with whoever gets the money for research has run out. If and when they sign a new contract they will sell them again. I was told that they still had the stamps but were locked up and had been inventoried. Since they had not sent them anywhere there was a chance they would sell them again.
    I would also like to know who to contact to get the stamps sold again.
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    I looked at xmas time and my post office was no longer carrying them. I am in AR. You might check eBay or some of the BC sites that sell BC items; such as jewelry, hats, etc. I am disappointed that the post office is not carrying them anymore.
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    Well, here's my two cents, not that it will buy you a stamp, but maybe it will create some awareness.
    Who was the money going to from the sell of the stamps?
    Who gets the money from M&M's, yoplait, avon, etc, etc?
    Has anyone noticed what a great marketing device they've made of 'our little pink ribbon'?
    Ladies, I am asking all of you to become active in the research, ask friends and family to do so also. It's not enough just to buy the pink ribbon, we need to know how the money is spent. How much goes to 'administration' and how much actually goes to research?
    What kind of research is it? Not all research is aimed towards new and better drugs. A lot of 'research' money goes towards studies such as how patients deal with 'end of life issues'? What is the prevalence of breast cancer in different ethnic groups? Research can involve answering a variety of questions like; what type of training is best for patient navigators? how does health care meet the needs of minority patients?
    A lot of research needs to be done, but not the smoke screen type research that funds committees on top of committee.
    We need research on molecular target cell destruction, on VEGF drugs that shut off the blood supply to tumors, things that will actually cure cancer, not keep it funded!
    ACS has a legislative link on it's site. It's kind of hard to find, but I think if you look for it you'll find it worth your time. Go see what bills they support and those they oppose just to get an idea of where your research dollars are being lobbied in the race for a cure. Take the time to read the bills, not just the overview, but look at the actual bill itself. Then write your congressmen, there is a link that will bring up the address and everything.
    I promise this will do more for research than M&M's or yoplait or postal stamps.
    God bless. hummingbyrd
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    This stamp went off sale on Dec 31.
    Congress has the power to extend the run of the breast cancer stamp, and could vote to put it back on sale in mid-January.
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    lindamm99 said:

    This stamp went off sale on Dec 31.
    Congress has the power to extend the run of the breast cancer stamp, and could vote to put it back on sale in mid-January.

    Thanks so much for the information. I went to that site and learned that the senate has approved the stamp for sale again. Now it only needs to be signed by the president. Was so glad to learn this. sharon