had ct scan and bone scan

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hello all, yesterday i had a bone scan and ct scan after finishing all my treatments including radiation doc. said wanted those done before i get my port removed> I feel so nervous and scared now so afraid that something might be found in those test i wouldnt know how to cope anymore if they did been tru so much this past year I just want to be able to grow up my four little girls divorce was bad enough for them but now they have to deal with me with all the aches and pains from the chemo instead of turning 44 next month i feel like i will be turning 88 I.m sorry for being so down but does anybody know how long before the doc gets the results of the ct scan and bone scan?? thanks
hugs to all


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    Mariat, call the doctor up and ask how long it will take. It varies from one place to another. I was watching elderly women move through the grocery store today thinking the same thing as you about being in the same state as someone twice as old. We all have stinky days, Mariat. It's okay to feel upset. Just when you reach the end of one thing, something else is ordered and you are right back on the merry-go-'round again.
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    To be honest with you most scans are read the same day, but for some reasons docs usually don't report to the patient results for a week or two. Call your doc Monday and if he doesn't have report go back to place where you had scan done and ask them for the report. I get all my reports and keep my own chart. Helps so much when you go to another doctor.
    Plus, remember whatever the results you made it this far one day at a time, that's the way I figure we have to live the rest of our lives. It's truly all anybody has, we just realize it because of what we've been through.
    God bless. hummingbyrd
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    Mariat, I have been praying for you. How did that bone and CT turn out? I have a bone scan coming up in ten days or so as I have been having a backache and sore spot in the upper part of my back. She said it didn't sound like cancer but to be sure under the bone scan I go. It worries me but better to have it checked out. Linda