carotid artery

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hi all, just found this site. its been 5 yrs since my breast cancer.went to a new doctor for a yearly physical.she says that their is a quieter rhythem in one of my main arteries.she says it could be a small murmur or radiation im nervous.going for ultra sound saturday. how come no other doctors noticed this before?


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    Hi Alien..
    Nice meeting you today in the chatroom. Please let us know how the ultrasound turns out. I have never heard of this before. Hopefully it will be nothing..
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    Interesting. Scarr tissue continues to form over time in some people even after the insult is gone (radiation). Or it may be a combination of the scarr tissue and a small blockage and now is noticable. Radiation can do very strange things around the site effected. Looking at these effects just shows how different we all are. Good Luck! Hope the test comes out great but if surgery is required, it is now much less invasive and with very high precentages of possitive outcomes. Easy to say when it isn't my neck!. Beth
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    Good Luck with your ultra sound and I will keep you in my prayers. I know Chemo can cause some heart damage but I am not familiar with radiation issues. Let go as much as you can and Let God. He will bring you thru this. P.S. And BEST of all you have a lot of new friends here now. keep us posted- Candy