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HELLO ALL MY EARTH ANGELS! Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! How I have missed each and every one of you! Did everyone have a good holiday? I hope so! I have just spent the past hour reading through all the messages to get updated. Ohhh! I really missed yall' (I picked up a bit of "American" down in the States). I hope nobody partied too hard on New Year's... ESPECIALLY SB... I know you military men know how to have a good time... Anyways, I wish everyone all the best in the coming year and may all our dreams be realized and wishes come true. Thank you all for being such good friends. I am truly blessed.

As for my vacations... THEY WERE INDESCRIBABLY AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, STUPENDOUS! They totally compensated for the **** year I had. Vegas was amazing and the camp in Montana was just great. The people I met at the camp were just so beautiful. Isn't good to be alive? Life can be hard sometimes but our world is just so filled with goodness... I guess that is why we are all trying so hard to fight this (insert explitive here)!

I had my CT scans yesterday and the results should be in later this week... If everyone could keep their fingers crossed and say a quick prayer for me... I need all the help I can get!

Glad to be back, look forward to talking to you guys and thanks for being the individuals that you all are!



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    WELCOME BAAAAACK cowgirl!!!

    SB was convinced you ran off with some cowboy stud into the sunset and weren't never comin' back!

    Will be sending up prayers for your CLEAR CT scan. Keep us posted. My onc wanted to see me this week for one but I am currently holding vigil at my FIL bedside. He was dx'ed with stomach cancer and now we are told it has spread to the lymph. He is hanging by a thread here.

    So jealous of your Montana gig. Big Sky country being my old stompin' grounds and all....caught a few trout flyfishing the Galletin. Sigh....

    Well glad you're back in one piece and to hear you didn't run off with a cowpoke.

    peace, emily who really needs a good nights sleep right about now....ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz
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    So glad to see you have made it back and that you had a wonderful time with or without the cowboy stud. Got my fingers crossed about your ct hope all goes well.
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    Welcome back, you wench! You had all these overprotective types worried sick. I had to remind them that you were a big gurrl and would not run away from home without good reason.

    So were you invited to the Brittany Spears nuptial thing in Vegas? What was she wearing?

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    Hurrah! Great to hear that you had an excellent time. I had a great Christmas, but I'm envious of your vacations. Happy New Year.

    If enthusiasm and positive attitude have any effect on CT scans- yours are guaranteed be squeaky clean. Here is hoping/praying that you have great news!

  • Welcome back Andreae. So glad you had a good time. Yup, SB was concerned cause you hadn't posted in a while. He may be a rough and tough military guy, but deep inside, there's a soft heart of gold that I don't think he wants anybody to know about.

    Hope you took plenty of pictures...and made many, many memories. It's good to see your post and I'll be sending a few prayers your way for the CT scan. Don't worry...

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    Thanks for all the sweet messages. You guys are great. Emily, your FIL are in my thoughts and prayers... may all go well.

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    Well YEEEEhAWWWW - yer back in th' saddle ageen!

    Welcome home andrea. Glad you had such a wonderful time - you seem to have rejuvinated your soul.

    Best wishes for a clean CT.

    - Cowboy SpongeBob
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    Welcome back Andrea! It's nice to see the same familiar names on the site! Sounds like everything went well...YOU DESERVED IT!!!!!!

    Best of luck on the CT results...fingers are officially crossed!

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    Hi Andreae: I remember reading that you were receiving oral 5fu & Oxaliplatin for colorectal mets to the lungs-(I think) I am newly diagnosed with rectal cancer recurrence in the lungs-20+ nodes, and they are about to start me on the folfox 6 protocal; 5fu / oxaliplatin infusion 1 X
    a week w/ 2 days infusion pump. I was just wondering if you have had any results, side effects, etc. with your protocol. Bud