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I lost my mother in May 2003 to pancreatic cancer. The mistake that I made was that I keep myself so busy I was barely sleeping just one project after another I literally was afraid to stop. I was afraid to deal with it and accept it. Well all the projects ended near the end of November and it hit like a ton of brick 7 months later and I am feeling the pain more than ever. I really thought it would get easier with time but it seems to be getting harder. I guess what I am trying to say is whatever emotions you are going through when you lose a loved one let them out go through all the stages so that you can get to the point where you can remember them with a smile. I find that I have to talk to Mom all the time and I think sometimes that I can hear her answer me, probably more wishful thinking than anything but none the less it keeps her here with me.


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    i agree with you. when you lose a loved one you should go through the mourning process..i lost my brother in 1994 to cancer and now my parents also have cancer. its stressful and sometimes i ask why me? so many yrs of dealing with this terrible disease. but hold on to your faith and remember the great times with your mom..god bless
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    Hello Bai,

    I lost my Mom in 1996 and she wasn't only my Mom but my best friend. On the day that she died, she looked me straight in the eyes and said "Honey, there are such things as Guardian Angels and I am going to be YOUR Guardian Angel". You now have your own Guardian Angel, and I have no doubt that your Mom is watching over you and would want you to have peace of mind. She wouldn't want you to be hurting or feeling sad in anyway, I am sure because you know that is how our Moms feel about us. I hope that as time goes by, you will only think of the good times and the laughs that you two had together. When I think of my Mom, I see the biggest most beautiful and happy smile on her face that I had never seen before, until she saw Jesus twice. I keep that picture in my mind and in my heart. May you have peace of mind at last.