What can i do to help my Dad?

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We found out in October that my dad has lung cancer. They scheduled surgery very quickly, but my father has other breathing problems, so we wanted a 2nd opinion so we went into NY for another opinion. They recommended that other tests be performed to make sure it was the right thing. When we came back to ours to have the tests they seemed to take their time, and as if they were jealous we went for another opinion. Finally after getting the tests done, after arguing with them,1.5 months has gone by,and NOw the cancer has progressed that he cannot have the surgery. I feel that maybe it was our fault we went there and time was wasted,He will start Chemo and radiation this week. I am so consumed with doing all i can for him, i cannot even function on my own things- I try to read up on it as much as i can. My mom needs to talk to someone, i feel lost and i don't know what else i can do. I go to all his appointments.I feel that i am not doing enough.IS this normal, how about nutrition?


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    it sounds like you are doing everything right; your attitude and support are everything..it's difficult
    to remain positive sometimes, but consider the alternative..Emily -(on colorectal discussion) might be able to help with nutrition. Bud
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    Hello JaggirI;
    So very sorry to hear of your dads dx., Yes it is such a terrible disease and does effect the entire family but please don't blame yourself. Getting second opinions is the right thing to do. I was first dx'ed in April 01 with NSCLC stageIIB and lost my left lung on May 2. I have again been recently dx'ed a week before Christmas with 2 brain lesions and have always gotten 2 nd opinions.

    Focus on providing love and understanding as best you can. Yes, nutrition is very good and continue to do things "enjoy life on life terms". Also, don't focus on statistics, there outdated, and can be depressing and many are surviving this disease in all stages. I've also found support groups help as I stay current on the disease and it helps to help others.
    Anyway, you and your dad will be in my prayers; you can PM me here at ACS or reach me at lungcancersurvivors.org if you want to talk.
    God bless and be well
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