tomoxifin testing?

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My sister called me last night. SHe is thinking about being part of a study to see if taking tomoxifin will help prevent breast cancer to start with. She has not had cancer. Any opiions?


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    Hi Designer,
    I thought Tamoxifen was already being used for women with high risk breast cancer..Like mother or sister connections. I did not realize there were any new studies taking place because tamox has been around for 20 years.
    Do you have any additional information on this interesting..always learning something new everyday..
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    This is one of my biggest complaints, they keep testing the same old stuff, just set up trials differently.
    Look into Flax seed for breast cancer prevention. One web site (I haven't checked out yet, but did read their information/data sheets) is at:
    Not to be taken with tamoxifen, and as always, check with your doctor before taking any new medications, including those without prescriptions.
    Let me know what you think. Blessings to you and sister, hummer.
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    My sister did not give me any more info. She was so sick with cold she could hardly talk.