A bill for new research!

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If I read this right there is a bill in the senate
S.1101 The National Cancer Act of 2003, that we may all be interested in.
It reads to me as if Senate is asking the NIH (National Institute of Health) to find a low toxicity drug that targets cancer cells, and to do it by July 2005.
This is GREAT! It gets us away from poisening the whole body. It forces the NIH and the pharmaceutical companies to actually come up with a near cure that won't kill you! They have these drugs now, example Prime-1, honokiol, VEGF drugs, etc. BUT they do limited research on them, and typically it is coupled with chemotherapy at the same time.
Please look into this and write to your congressmen if you agree that research needs to take a new approach besides chemo, chemo, chemo.
web address is
I know it's long, but isn't our health worth it!
Maybe the url can be pasted into your browser.


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    Thanks Hummingbyrd..I will check out the site ASAP!
    I remember when I was going through the process of selecting the type of chemo that I would go on, that my med/onco said there was a new trial/study out that was an injection that you would take weekly for one year at the hospital. The injection was sort of like a laser where it specifically targeted only the cancer cells. I will go back and check into this and see if it is related. At the time I was too overwhelmed to really consider putting myself in a study because I was already in a sentel node biopsy study.
    Thanks for posting Hummingbyrd.
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    Super, Hummingbyrd! I feel like someone, somewhere, is listening to you and your suggestions! GREAT JOB!!! Thanks from all of us, Hummer! You are wonderful! And Praise God for helping us! Maggs
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    Thanks, HB, I'm headed there next! great News, indeed- Candy