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Gale Stone died on December 14, 2003. I didn't know this and wrote to her on January 5, 2003. Her husband Richard replied to me, and her death has been very hard on him. I know we would all want to express our sorrow over Gale's death, but I can understand that right now, we only make Richard's pain greater by reminding him of his loss, so please do NOT write to [email protected]. I have copied the last message Gale posted here, so that you can recognize it and NOT reply to it:

04:48 PM EST Re: want a survivor friend [reply]
Hello: I am a 55 year old 1 year pc survivor and 2 year lung cancer survivor. I would really like to have a survivor friend. There are not many of us around. I am in Toronto Canada and my name is Gale. My email address is sto[email protected] and would love to hear from you.