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Hummingbyrd, thanks for answering. You seem so knowledgeable. The doc said borderline...What worries me is I have had this ache in my kidney for months now. I thought it was back pain so he did a bone scan...which was ok. Do you know if this is a common side effect from chemo? My oncologist isn't much of a talker so it is hard to understand him sometimes. Thanks to you Hummingbyrd and any others who can advise me.


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    I'd say 'borderline' high is nothing to be concerned about. That could be a result of lab error (machine not calibrated just right), mild dehydration, multivitamins (and if you take more than one vitamin supplement look at ingredients, some CoQ10 contains vit E also, for example, so vit A may have potassium too).
    Plus, lots of beverages (OJ) and foods have potassium supplements.
    Plus, plus potassium can be slightly elevated if you repeatedly clench your fist during blood draw, or if its not seperated immediately in serum seperator tube (you know they draw your blood sometimes and turn the tube upside down to mix blood after they pull it off the needle, know what I'm talking about?)
    As long as rest of labs are normal, sodium, chloride, calcium, kidney functions...I wouldn't worry. Personally, would probably just recheck in 4-6 weeks, unless something new develops, muscle cramps, chest pain, heart racing, etc. Then, of course contact your doctor.
    Hope this helps. God bless. hummb