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Hello and thank all of you for your help and concern on my problems. I have seen another doctor today and he wants to do a CT Scan on my adbomen and Pelvis. This well take place at the end of the week or first of next week he said. They are to call Wesd. and let me know when and a time. He didn't want to do a CA125 because of the 50 50 of is it or not. He said when it was elevated its usally late in the stages. He was glad to see me there and seems concerned with the issue. I will keep you updated on whats going on. I should no somthing within a week. Take care and May GOD Bless all of you.
Misty Wittman


  • Mherna6103
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    Hang in there Girl!!!!!!! The Lord is with us all. Keep us posted on results and I am curious to know a little more about your situation.

  • mopar
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    So glad someone is taking you seriously! Hope all goes well with your test. We'll all be anxiously awaiting to hear from you!
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    Hi Misty, Thank you for the update-I'm sure we're all pulling for you for the best outcome. Check back when you know more!
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    I am glad they are taking you seriously and your Dr is right the CA 125 is usually later. You are in my prayers. Bonnie
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    Hi, Misty! Gald to hear you saw another doctor. Keep us posted ... we're hear to listen and lend support. You're in our thoughts and prayers. Steffie