a friend with a recent diagnosis of Melanoma

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The reason I'm writing is because a dear friend of mine was recently diagnosed with Melanoma. He had surgery to remove the infected mole and three lymph nodes removed. (One under the arm and two in the groin).

From his doctor: "I think the overall impression of the pathologists who reviewed your biopsy is favorable (i.e., no concrete evidence of disease in the lymph nodes). However, using a more sensitive test, rare cells can be found in the nodes that could represent melanocytes (melanin producing cells) but their appearance does not suggest cancer. We encounter this situation occasionally and generally do not treat it as being "positive"."

Overall pretty good news... I think he also followed with a CAT scan and blood work which was also favorable... At this point he is looking into getting advise from a homeopathic or naturopathic point of view. Things to do to bolster the immune system etc... and prevent recurrence. I would love as many recommendations we can get on next steps. Any recommendations or resources, websites with reliable information, etc, would really be appreciated.


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    Please jump over to the colon cancer forum and ask for 2bhealed. She has cured herself of colon cancer using natural means. She is great! Just tell your situation and that you would like her advice! By the way, your friend is very lucky to have you!