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Hello, I had my last Chemo treatment July 17th. I had ovarian cancer stage 3c. It had spread to my liver,stomach,spleen, herniated my colon you name it was there. Now in September I started gaining weight and continue to gain. I've gained 26lbs. The Dr says I need to eat less and excercise more. He says the chemo a lot of times slows your metabolism down and there isn't anything one can do. I am still tired, have neuropathy really bad, and my fibromyalgia is worse since the chemo. Any advice? Has anyone else gained like this and what stopped it. Also I am taking L-glutamine and Bcomlex for the neuropathy but it isn't helping alot. Any other suggestions? Thyroid tests are normal?? Baffled but not defeated.


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    Hi Bonnie Rose:
    I gained 20 lb.s while on Taxol/Carbo because of the steriod Decadron. Once I was off that the weight started to drop. I excercise (walk about two miles) daily or I think it could have been worse. I am doing treatment again and when my Dr. mentioned Decadron I said no way. You really do need to eat differently and walk, walk, walk. It even helps your immune system.
    As for the neuropathy I started taking B6 as soon as it began and now don't have it. you should also consider wheat grass and carrott juicing. I was a junk food junkie before cancer and that has changed. I was diagnosed in June 2001 and I am still going strong. Write if you can.
    My e-mail is if you want to write. Penny
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    pennyk has some good advice. I'm just about to start treatment, but things like nutrition, activity and physical side effects like neuropathy are some big concerns for me. I asked (and still ask) my doctor questions and read everything I could (and still can). I don't know if you have any diet restrictions, so you may want to make sure about these things with your doctor. Taking B-6, Folic Acid and Magnesium supplements are important. Drink plenty of water, throw lemons and limes into it ... one of my aunts (a cancer survivor also) suggested flavored carbonated water for a change of pace. And, as we are all told, eat a balanced diet. If you have the energy, like pennyk said, "...walk, walk, walk..." ! Even if its in circles in your house or yard! Take care and good luck.
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    Hi! I'm glad to see so many out there concur with my approach to this terrible situation. I had stage 1C nearly four years ago. I had the Carbo/Taxol treatments. It also left me with weight gain, neuropathy, etc., etc. Having been health conscious before, we just intensified my approach. I used B-6 and L-Glutamine for the neuropathy. Most doctors will tell you it will never go away, but you can AT LEAST minimize the problem. I also worked with wheat grass (but don't anymore), but continue my diet high in protein, low carbs, no sugars. I also drink a tea called Fluoressence, which is from Canada and proven to be cancer-fighting. But probably the most important thing that I do is the exercise - not all aerobics, mostly weight training. This not only maintains my bone density (I had a hysterectomy and cannot take HRT), it also speeds up the metabolism much better than running, etc. because it builds muscle at the same time. Another more important factor is that it boosts testosterone, NOT estrogen which is a no-no for ovarian patients and even breast cancer patients. No, I will not turn into a guy, it has enabled me to lose weight, build muscle, feel MUCH better, feel stronger, and made my CA125 levels go dramatically down. I would encourage you to consider some sort of resistive training. My husband has been studying nutrition and exercise for many years, so if you would like further information or just want to chat, I'm at My best to you. . . you will be in our prayers. There is HOPE!
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    Hi Bonnie, my name is Maria. I was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer in 2001. I gained a lot of weight too!! I am no longer getting the chemo because my body has developed a resistance to it. I was saddened to hear that your cancer spread to some vital organs. Gee.....I hope you don't feel too bad. Right now I am on a serious diet. I am trying to eat 6 small meals a day and I am drinking a lot of water. I did this once before and managed to lose 36 pounds. I still need to lose about 40 pounds. I feel like a house full of CANCER. I am starting chemo pills and I am hoping that it does something to keep me a live a little longer. My best to you.
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    Hi BonnieRose: I had gained a lot of weight before I was diagnosed with OVCA, but did not try to lose any until I was done with chemo. Once I was done with it (in Jan. 2003), I went and signed up with Weight Watchers (again!). I went to WW about 15 years ago and lost 50+ pounds, but gained it back after I stopped going to meetings.

    My doctors are very approving of me losing weight, especially with the WW program, which promotes excercise along with healthy eating. There are a number of people in my class who have also had cancer, and some diabtetics, also, so I'm not alone with my eating-for-my-health thoughts! The program changes frequently, so if you went 15 years ago, you'd find it very different now.

    Because I have to take medication for non-cancer problems, I have to be very careful about taking other drugs and/or supplements, so I stick to the multi-vitamin that my ob/gyn prods me to take. She said that she has seen a positive effect on gyn patients taking noni juice to help themselves after cancer treatment. I haven't found enough information to tell if it would conflict with the blood thinner that I have to take. I'll ask my hematologist the next time I go to see him.

    You're still relatively close to the end of your chemo, and recovering from the surgery would take a lot out of you, but it would be very good for you to get out and walk, both physically and mentally. I'm looking into a yoga class that's designed for cancer patients, and the cancer center that I had chemo at is starting an exercise class that I've signed up for.

    Good luck to you!
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    Hello name is Mary. I was ovca stage 2 grade 2b. only cancer cells after surgery was in pelvic fluid, so 6 chemo treatments in 2001. dec 2 2002 was my 2 yr anniversary. i have gained 50 lbs. very depressing, because i had purposely lost 72 lbs before diagnosis on weight watchers. docs said same to me, eat less and exercise more! easier said than done. taxol did a number on my joints! they tell me to be patient, you'll get your energy back....patience isn't one of my best virtues...but I'm trying.
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    Hi I go by the name healthy. Thank you BonnieR. I have put on all the weight I lost from chemo and 20 pounds more. I have tried different diets and exercise at Curves 4 times a week and nothing is working. I am also very tired all the time.