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My sister is fighting a recurrence of fallopian tube cancer after a 10-year remission. Ten years ago, she had a TAH-BSO. The recurrent disease was "optimally debulked" from the lymph node. She has completed about 5 or 6 different chemo courses in the last two years, including platinum drugs, Topotecan, Doxil, Gemcitibine and perhaps one or two others. The tumors are growing and her doc is now treating this as a "chronic" condition and placing her "in God's hands". This facility and her oncologist are excellent, but place little value on the mind-body connection. We live in a small state and need to find a place with more aggressive, broader-scoped treatment. We are considering Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Does anyone have any knowledge of their treatment. Are they cutting-edge or just a profit machine? Basically, we are looking for a facility which effectively combines cutting-edge oncology with nutrition and other auxilliary treatments. We need to make a decision rather quickly. I would really appreciate any information you can share on this resistant cancer. Thank you.


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    I am sorry to see no replies and regret I don't know of any either but it would appear you are on the right track by not giving up and realizing there are still options. I heard from a friend of my with cancer that he has looked into a couple of sites & The clinic he is researching is
    called the Gerson clinic. I took up wheat grass a few months ago and you may want to pull up what you can on that. Sorry I don't have more info. Penny
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    Dulcinea: I just saw your earlier email and wanted you to know that I have been to the Cancer Treatment Center of America in Zion, ILL, just North of Chicago. They were incredibly friendly, but ultimately I decided against being treated there, since what they do is exactly the "old", surgery, chemo, radiation cycle. If this has not worked in the past, there is no reason to believe it will work in Chicago. They gave us a free flight, picked us up in a limo and offered to fly me in for free for every treatment. I asked how they could possibly afford to do that and they told me that they make so much money off the chemo that they can do that.
    I have had stage IIId ovarian cancer since 1999 and have had 3 recurrences, always going with the traditional methods. In October 2003 I decided to try something new and alternative and I can tell you, that after 3 months of treatments I am now in remission, without any side effects, nausea, hair loss, etc. Mt tumormarkers were at 720 when I started and are now below 20! Please contact Dr.Stephen Edelson in Atlanta at 404 841-0088. He is treating all kinds of cancer patients and has very good results.
    Good Luck!