small cell lung cancer

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We recieved bad news today about my sis....she is wonderful.She has always been strong. there are five of us kids and are all in our 30's, 40's and she is 54. She has been given 1 to 2 weeks and is so very sick. We got the diagnosis on Nov 8th and our lives have not been the same. She has been taking chemo and radiation and has been fighting for her life and to breath for a long time now. Her husband and daughter and her ...I believe have decided on hospice. I am so sad, and scared and do not want to give up yet. They say it is rare because of it not responding to anything they have done. It has spread to both lungs and lymph nodes, liver and kidney. She has not been able to eat because of all that she has been thru and also the mass that is in her lung. it has not responded to anything either. I guess I am desparate. we are so close and i am not willing to let go yet....has anyone been given a dim outlook but found something that it responded to ...she is weak and tired and wants to be able to breath again....what can we do....any body know of a treatment that might make this stuff back off...she is a grandma to a 8 yr old, 6yr old, 4yr old and a 15 month old. She crochets beautifully...she has a smile that would lite a room......she could make you feel good in a minute...with all her strength and love and energy. She is wonderful and I miss her and I want her to get some kind of peace. thank you Michele


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    So sorry to hear your sad news about your sis. My mom of 55yrs was just diagnosed December 16 and her first dose of chemo put her in the hospital (for almost 2 weeks now) and she also is fighting for her life. About your sister, I am not real familiar with her particular situation, but some aggressive chemo is cisplatin and camptosar. That's what my mom had, but it may not be good if she is already so weak. About the breathing though I have read that they have special "stints" (not sure of spelling) that they can put in the bronchial tubes to open up air ways blocked by tumors for easier breathing. Sorry I can't give you something more to work with. Hang in there, keep praying and always have faith in God. God Bless your sister and your whole family. You will be in my prayers. I feel your pain and frustration and fear.
    Sincerely,Jane Ellen
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    hi Michele, I am mike and have small cell lung cancer and was given a 5% chance of survival. It is almost two years now, I had cisplatnum, taxol, and vp=16 and then had carboplatnum because of a bad reaction to the cisplatnum. I also had six and one half weeks of rads five days a week to chest, side and back. I don't know if this is of any help , I will pray for your sister and you . Bless and hugssss Mike
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    I am so sorry to hear about your sister. I am
    currently undergoing treatment for small cell
    lung cancer and doing well. I'm not an expert but
    when I was diagnosed, I immediately went to my
    acupuncturist who put me on herbs(mushrooms and Aragalus/Ligustrum to build my immune system and
    treatments once a week. I have managed to avoid
    the hospital (after 2 months of chemo)and my
    immune system seems to respond well. I also take a product called "Esiak Tea" that many cancer survivors I know took during their chemo.
    You can get this at any health food store. If your
    sister is very thin, use this at 1 tbs. per day--
    instead of the way the label recommends. I would
    also recommend that, if she is able, try to find
    a nutritionist that specializes in cancer and immune system distorders and get her on nutritional supplements. They can't hurt and may
    help her. And don't forget to keep praying. God
    is a miracle worker. If it is his will, your sister will live, regardless of what the docs tell

    I'll be praying for you and her.