a port and 1 mg coumadin daily

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Posted this earlier and it showed up under another post!! Strange!

Apparently recently oncologists have added 1 mg coumadin as long as a port is in - maybe too many blood clots???

I know people a few years ago when I had adjuvant treatment did have a port but no coumadin; however, someone I know who had chemo starting last July has taken the coumadin - again one size seems to fit all - I mg - however not to be too cynical,it then requires weekly blood tests before weekly infusion.

Anyone else on coumadin with a port? - now what do I do about the two Aleve which have been pretty helpful the last month.

I stopped them Thursday in anticipation of surgery for the port Tuesday and feel the difference.

Always something!



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    Hi Jean,
    Haven't been around lately, but just read your post. I don't have any experience in this area, but wanted to let you know that I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Have a blessed New Year.
    Love, Jayne
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    Hey Jayne, welcome back! Where've you been hiding girlfriend?!?

    Jean, hope your holidays went well. We,ve been missing you!
    As you know I have a port, had one since 8/01, and no I don't take coumadin. I'd be tempted to ask doc about an aspirin a day, just to see what he/she says.

    God bless! hummb
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    I've had my port for a little over a year. Ever since I've had it, my doctor has had me on 1 mg coumadin (actually the generic warfarin) per day. He says it is to give the port a better chance at not getting clogged up because he says that I need to have my port in for 2 years if my body will tolerate it. So far no problems at all. What is weird is that when I had my mastectomy along the way, the surgeon specifically did not run some kind of "clotting" test on my blood a couple days before surgery. Something about them wanting to make sure I had enough coagulants still in my blood for a good surgical outcome. I told him that I was taking the 1 mg coumadin daily and he responded that it was such a trivial amount that he didn't even care if I kept taking it up to the day before surgery. Also, I've gone to the dentist several times and warned them about the coumadin and they claim they don't see any unusual or excessive bleeding when they clean my teeth.

    About the only thing the chemo therapy oncologist says is that he wants me to take Tylenol. If I feel the need to take an aspirin product, I am to consult him first. So far, Tylenol and vikodin has kept my frozen shoulder pain managable, so I have never consulted him further.

    Hope you have a good experience with your port. I love my port and recommend it to anyone. But then, I had a super surgeon. Everyone who has seen the port incision keeps telling me what a great job he did.
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    I too, have a port (since June) and my doctor prescribed 1mg of coumadin as well...I have recently finished both chemo and rads, but, the port has not been removed as yet, so I am still on a daily dosage of coumadin. I was experiencing edema and pain at the surgery site~my dr said I could take Advil (200mg) 3X a day for one week. Other than that, I take Tylenol for "generalized" aches and pains. This is NOT medical advice, of course! Just what my doctor had me do--when I get the port removed in February, I too will have to stop the coumadin for a week to 10 days pre-surgery. Good luck to you!
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    My oncologist was a part of a study using the coumadin and he put all his port patients on it after finding significantly less clots and problems with chemo port. I never had any hint of a problem and that dose of coumadin is very low. I was all for it because I have complete trust and faith (I researched) in my doctor. He is the best doctor for me. Candy