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Reposting an e-mail from srvivr95 received at the testicular cx site:

Hello Sponge Bob,

I am very impressed with what you are doing and would like to let you know if you need any people to help count me in. You can email me direct at [email protected] I am a Cancer survivor now for a little over 8 yrs now and am very happy to be alive.

One another note I want to thank you and all the men and women under your command for the job you all do to keep us safe.



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    Hello Bob,
    I was in military for a very brief time, yes. I went thru boot camp at Parris ISland and was let go a week before graduation. I was told I could not adapt to military life. The thing is my father is retired from the navy. So I have been in military life when I was growing up. Anyway I will be happy to discuss what I went thru if you know anyone that needs the help. I have a story posted in gallery, at the time my id was iubymeu. If my memory is correct it is titled "How Would You Handle It". I will go check and let you know for sure.
    Hope you had a great Christmas and will have a great New Year.