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Ifirst wanted to say happy holidays to one and all.This place is my other family.
My boss was just dx with small cell carcinorma and wondered if anyone here had words of incouragement that I could give him.He has had 2 ct scans and a bone scan but they want him to wait till jan 5 to decide what to do.Anything that I could tell him would be helpful.I would also ask that you keep him in your prayers.His name is Joseph.Thank you,Teresa


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    I have no expertise in that type of cancer so I will not give any opinions. I do pray and know God so, on that I can help out so, consider both of you in my prayers. I feel sure there is a place on this web site for him to read info and discuss with other survivors like he soon WILL BE! Happy Holidays- Candy
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    I'd have your boss check the other discussions on this ACS site. Our breast cancer group seems like the most active, with the most posts and the most individual contributors. But you never know who might be lurking on the other discussion areas. Sometimes if you just write in, someone will finally answer after a while.