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I have been in touch with the MSDE regarding a modification in policy to include teachers who cannot teach full time in a classroom. I want to keep my certification so I can continue to teach part-time in a Learning Center. The man I spoke to says he'll try to negotiate something, but he hasn't called back. I REALLY feel that the inclusion law should be applied to this type of situation so that I can remain competitive in the field of Learning Centers. They try to say that we "tutor" and not "teach," but I know they are splitting hairs here. My certificate comes up for renewal again in '05 and they are trying to NOT renew it. I use my knowledge and skills in a Learning Center and I can't teach full time in a classroom. How do I get HEARD?


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    Pray first for God to show you the way, next KNOW that the reason they need people to 'tutor' is because teachers aren't teaching. By no fault of thier own, I mean how can one teach in over crowded clasrooms where morals and ethics, such as God, allegiance to country, respect of elders and peers are no longer taught.
    I would contact my congressman, if need be, contact the teacher's union, read anything you can on this inclusion law, read your personnel handbook carefully (if you have one), contact the American's with Disability's Act to see what your rights are, then when you have your ammunition gathered call the man back who's going to 'try' and negotiate something for you; tell him what you've found out (I'm sure it will be in your favor legally) tell him his obligations and that you are appalled they are not doing EVERYTHING they can to help you stay in the work force, if for no other reason than
    If he can't get it 'negotiated' you're going to be forced to contact your congressman, the ADA and the unemployment agency (they'll fight hard to protect your rights), for help, because it's hard enough dealing with cancer, medical bills and all the added stress without them trying to cut you out of a job. Above all else don't agree to sign anything, like resignation, early retirement, etc. Make them force you out of it if it comes to least that's what I would do!
    God bless you, hummb
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    Thanks, Hummingbyrd, I knew I could count on you for moral support! I will work on these things you mentioned. EVERYONE says it is the RIGHT thing for them to do, but they seem reluctant to do it, none-the-less. I can't understand it.

    Well, have a VERY Happy Christmas and New Year 2004! I always enjoy talking with you! God give you a joyous holiday no matter what! Maggs