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Hi, I am new to this site. I am out of radiation therapy since March of this year. My follow up pet scan showed some activity which they say is due to the radiation. I just had a second ct scan which looked good. I have been experiencing some itching in my arms and don't know if I should be concerned? Any ideas?


  • AlloMan
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    Was the itching part of your symptoms when you were first diagnosed, or is this something new? I'm afraid I can't be of much help, your Doc needs to figure out this one.
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    Congrats on being done with treatment, I know its not always an easy road. If you have an questions you shouldn't hesitate to contact your doc, he should be able to answer them for you. I also finished radiation in March and sometimes I get scared of the cancer returning at almost any little ache my doc has always been able to reassure me that I'm fine-which is extremely helpful.
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    The itching was not part of my symptoms before. I didn't really have many syptoms before. I am planning to go to the doctor in January when she returns from vacation. I now have a new problem I am not sure is related. I am having a lot of pain in my lower back near the kidney area. It is making me very nervous. I hope to get in to see the doctor January 5th. I can't take this for much longer. Thanks for listening.
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    Please ask for a CT to go with your PET. Hopefully, you are 100% fine, but my hodgkins started with itch....arms, then hands, legs,
    all-over and 24/7 after a few months.
    None of the doctors knew it was a hodgkins symptom.
    This could be something as simple as dry winter skin, and hopefully it is, but get the tests you need. Don't take no for an answer.
    Be well,
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    Thanks for the reply Penny I have been having ct-scans for the past few months and go to the doctor next week. I think the itch may be connected with my thyroid. Thanks again