1 year mark

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I will be one year after double mast. one side was est. pos. the other had the her and was not...Am on Arimidex and think I am doing well but wonder what I should be looking for and requesting at the year point? Have sone joint pain in one leg but told that is common with Arimidex...


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    Sorry you have to celebrate it with 'what do I do next?' Be nice if this junk would just go away.
    But, it lingers so my recommendation is blood tests...CMP, CEA, and CA27.29 and personally with joint pain I'd be asking for a bone scan, or at least plain film x-ray joint that hurts.

    God bless you and congratulations again! hummingbyrd
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    Congrats, Sarajane! Sounds as if you're doing very well!

    Re what tests you should request: It seems that oncologists in different parts of the country, generally adopt a "standard" of follow-up testing. But even within regional standards, different docs prefer different approaches. However, all docs should do further tests to evaluate any problem areas or areas of chronic pain or discomfort, anytime.

    Have you had 3 or 6 month check ups which included bloodwork and a physical exam by your onc, since you finished treatment? Most of us are on a 3 month regimen for the first couple of years after which time the interval between checkups becomes longer, if no problems. My onc visits also include white and red blood cell counts, which is important to track, particularly following chemo, the CA 27-29 (tumor marker test), and a chemistry profile.

    I just recently went to 6 month visits with my medical onc., surgeon and radiation onc, after two years of every 3 month check ups with all of them. I also had mammo's every 6 months during that time but am now on a once yearly schedule with that. (the mammo schedule is different with mast. vs. lumpectomy though...typically only once yearly for mastectomies, from the beginning).

    The only additional test my med. onc. does, once yearly, is a chest X-ray. No routine scans or MRI's, etc.. At 3 and 6 months following chemo, I did have an echocardiogram and check up with cardiologist, just as a precaution. (quite a few women who've had Adriamycin and/or Herceptin, have a follow up MUGA or echo to be sure that their cardiac ejection fractions are normal) Hope this helps.

    I will be 3 years from dx, in the Spring of 04. (I don't celebrate my dx date, but do celebrate my "end of treatment" date, as that was the BEST, for me)

    Wishing you continued good health!

    Love, light and laughter,