Finally 2 nipples

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Just wanted to share my excitement. I had areolar reconstruction on left and breast lift on right 3 days ago. I took the dressings off today and you cant believe the difference that I feel it makes. I am also so glad to have the breast lifted again. I finally told the doctor I wasnt pleased the first time. Boy was that a hard thing to do, like telling him he did a bad job. But he was very understanding and agreed with me. I finally think things look like they are supposed to, even with all the bruising. I know breasts don't make a person but it makes me feel better about myself. Anyway just wanted to share.


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    I am happy to see that someone has the courage to let their surgeon know when something is bothering them. I think too many of us take doctor's opinions as the only truth. They are human just like us and need imput when something is not right. They do not read minds! You go girl!