Rumors should not be spread unless you have all the information

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It is really pathotic that peoople spread illicit rumors in here. With the holidays and all the pain we all have endured becasue of cancer. It is a joy when two people can find happiness. It a scary world it is nonsense to act like a two year old. I send Congratulations to Jan and Warrior on their upcoming nuptials and may you find happiness together and ignore people who dont like it. I love you two and am glad to stand here and I can say I am your friend to the both of you.

Love to you both



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    Don't know what all the hoopla is about, but hey, you know you got my CONGRATULATIONS!
    God bless, hummb
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    I am the daughter of jan. both me and her youngest who is 26 both think it is great that she found a gentleman that dont care if she has kids and grandkids. her grand daughter who is 19 also thinks it is great that her grandma found some one.
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    No they should not. Let me say that I have no idea why you are being ugly to me but it does appear that there is some unspoken reason for the behavior I've encountered today. It is hurtful and hateful.
    I came to this site with an open heart and have given (as well as received) honesty and love, shared many hours of joy and heartache. I will give nothing less.
    I will be the very first to extend my love and best wishes to Jan and "Warrior". I would not begrudge anyone happiness, however I have chosen to wait/see because to my knowledge they have or had not met.
    I do not wish to contribute to whatever the rumor IS and welcome honest communication.
    I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and all of us a Happy and HEALTHY New Year.
    Love and Prayers...Teri